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Collected Thoughts

Updated when I remember.

Jhen^2 / Zack
4 May
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When? June 7, 2005. 14, 2006 27, 2007 August 18, 2008 June 7th, 2011
Why? Because my English Literature paper on the presence of magic as a character development catalyst topic won't write itself.

My name's Jhen, and I mainly go by that name. Yes, the H is intentional. It happened back in 2nd year high school when there were 4 Jennifer's in my Chemistry class and we had to figure out how to distinguish each other. So, we became: Jei, Jenny, Tran, and Jhen.

I sometimes like to put down that I'm a guy, so I created the name Zack just for that purpose.

- ASL: 404 error
- I'm graduating with a Bachelor's of Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, majored in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Fiber Optic Communication.
- I don't know what to do with my life yet, so I'm going to get a second bachelor's in Physics back home.
- Speaks: English 100%, Tagalog ~75%
- Bibliophile. I have a fantasy where in my future home, I have a private library, complete with chairs, rolling ladders and a huge window at the end. Yes, almost like the library in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events - The Wide Window.
- I read a lot of fanfiction. It's been like this for over a decade. It's a sinusoidal habit.
- Geek with honor and pride.
- I play video games, but I tend to not play anything that involves an online competitiveness. I do like hack-and-slash type games, and lots and lots of puzzle type games.
- ♥ Katamari Damacy. I sing the main tune to pass my time.
- Introverted. I'm really shy, so please do not hesitate to talk to me. I like talking with people, I just don't have enough courage to start conversations.
- I've recently started to collect and read American graphic novels, but mostly from Vertigo. I have the entire collection of Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman", most of "Fables", and I'm starting to collect all of "The Adventures of Tintin".
- I like to cook. A lot. If there is a level cap of 50 for cooking, then I think I'm at level 30ish. I've been told I'm really around 40, but I can't do baking from scratch properly. I'm learning, but it's just plain difficult.


I friend back, but the amount it takes for me to realize you friended me may take awhile.